What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is a skin problem that occurs due to the over production of skin, a.k.a flaking which can be triggered by a common fungus known as malassezia, this fungus lives on the scalp of most healthy adults without causing much problem. One theory as to why this happens is that the immune system over reacts to the presence of the fungus.

The true cause may be unclear, but there are a lot of genetic and environmental factors which should be considered before diagnosing dandruff. Anti-fungal creams have been known to help reduce the issue of Dandruff, which is why the theory of malassezia is more believed. We at RJM herbal care, implement natural methods to treat your scalp and improve your skin condition using natural treatments derived from Siddha Treatments.

How we work

We at RJM Herbal Care, centre for Natural Treatment in Siddha & Ayurveda,follow the Siddha system of healing. The word Siddha comes from the word Siddhi, which means an object to heavenly bliss. The system is believed to be developed by the 18 Siddhars. Siddhars are the ancient spiritual saints of India. SIDDHA is fully based on five elements. A deep bond is said to have been found between the outer world and the inner system of mankind.

Siddhars were ancient holy saints and extraordinary scientists who had achieved mind boggling results in the field of medicine. Unfortunately limited recognition of this magnificent and efficient system has resulted in a deterioration of skilled specialists.

A significant part of the viability of the treatment depends on the professional who other than having extraordinary medicinal ability ought to likewise be an individual of immaculate profound and moral fiber. Dr. R. MANGALESWARAN went through a 5 ½ year B.S.M.S course (Bachelor of Siddha Medicine & Surgery) and got a government registration (No: 3831) under the Tamilnadu Dr.MGR medical university.


Some important questions that may help you understand

Does coconut oil increase dandruff?

Does hot water cause dandruff?

Taking a head bath at high water temperatures can damage the hair by stripping it of highly nutrient oils that contribute to managing the brittleness and dryness. Hot water typically dries the scalp also weakens the roots of the hair. If the scalp becomes dry it starts to create white flakes and itchiness.

Can dandruff cause hair loss?

Most of the time it won't but not directly. However, it causes itchiness that leads to scratching. So, it injures the hair follicles and causes some hair loss though not complete baldness.

Does drinking water reduce dandruff?

Drinking water helps the energy that is transmitting from the scalp to the tip of the hair. If you keep your body always hydrated, it will not only eliminate the problems like dandruff but a lot.