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Psoriasis is a long-lasting auto immune disease which is characterized by patches of abnormal skin.

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The siddha medicine is a traditional medicine of India. It has been in practice since 750 A.D. Now- a- days it is being followed all around the world. SIDDHA medicine is the oldest and foremost of all other medical systems of the world which flourished in south India.

The word Siddha comes from the word Siddhi, which means an object to heavenly bliss. The system is believed to be developed by the 18 Siddhars. Siddhars are the ancient spiritual saints of India.

About Doctor

Dr. R. MANGALESWARAN had completed 5 ½ years B.S.M.S course (Bachelor of siddha medicine & surgery) and got a government registration (No: 3831) under the Tamilnadu Dr.MGR medical university. He has been conducting many siddha medical camps in and around Tamilnadu state since 4years. Dr.R.MANGALESWARAN is the founder of RJM siddha clinic, which is operating presently in Chennai and Ramanathapuram and wishes to open more such clinics in the major cities of Tamilnadu. He has been curing patients with his best of expertise in consultancy and treatments.

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Dr. R. Mangaleswaran
Mobile : +91 81222 94464
Mobile : +91 96593 08109
E-mail  : drmangalesrmd@gmail.com
No:144, J Block, Vinayagapuram main road, MMDA colony, Arumbakkam, Chennai-106

RJM Herbal Care

RJM siddha clinic is a humanity based clinic, where we provide not only treatment but also yoga, meditation, exercises etc for skin problems especially psoriasis , Asthma and other chronic diseases

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